How to build reporting dashboard with Pentaho BI

Data Warehouse

Many companies nowadays use several databases for CRM, HR, and accounting. Top management receives information from different departments. Data mismatch reduces the level of confidence in the data and takes time to fix the errors.

Data Warehouse allows you to get reports in no time. It provides reports in different formats, including HTML, PDF, and Excel files. Data Warehouse contains all the company’s data that allows one to analyze the whole organization, not the separated departments. One can research who attracts the most profitable clients and why some of them are still unprofitable. Data Warehouse allows one to track profits and costs online. Data loss in the original system will not affect reporting because data in the data warehouse will still be available.

As a rule, data are copied from the original databases to the Data Warehouse at night when the workload is at its minimum. Data Warehouse checks new data for errors, builds links between different sources. Additional calculations speed up reports that are finally sent to the management.

Our team has expertise in building Data Warehouses and Reporting with Pentaho BI. It is open-source software, and you may start using Pentaho today. You do not need to negotiate a contract or agree on a budget. Pentaho is sanctions free and as reliable as any proprietary software.

Pentaho also contains Pentaho DI (Data Integration) that works like a vacuum cleaner. It imports data from any source, cleans it, and saves the result into Data Warehouse. Pentaho DI imports data in any format, including text files, XML, Excel, and data from relational and OLAP databases. Data processing starts automatically without administrator.

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